EWWUD 2011 Results

EWWUD 2011 Book

EWWUD 2011 Video Report

Final Presentation Boards

  Group 1 – Poço do Bispo
Group 2 – Barreiro
Group 3 – Margueira
Group 4 – Margueira
Group 5 – Barreiro
Group 6 – Docapesca
  Group 7 – Docapesca
Group 8 – Poço do Bispo

EWWUD 2011 Exhibition

Photos of the exhibition hosted at Universidade Lusófona, showing the final results of the EWWUD 2011 workshop.

  From 27th of March to 9th of April, the European Workshop of Waterfront Urban Design’s second edition took place at ISCAD’s installations. Among students and professors, about 70 participants arrived from Greece, Turkey, Germany, Holland, Poland, Italy, France and India. The spirit among students was of intercultural acknowledgement, thus understanding that exchange between participants, working in each group, brought further knowledge of architecture  and urbanism. Every place (studio, cultural visits, gastronomy, etc.) was favorable to exchange ideas. During the weekend, from 1st to 3rd of April, we visited the city of Sines; a new fast growing port with a challenging waterfront. Lisbon holds a vibrant cultural and urban life, sophisticated and yet traditional, seen through fresh foreign eyes the city of Lisbon was re-discovered to find  a new charm.